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Pedestrianisation Welcome

Many arguments are raging in the county regarding the new safe zones. From Cardigan to Aberystwyth, and Aberaeron and New Quay in between, the safe zones implemented by Ceredigion County Council under emergency rules, are controversial. Ceredigion Green Party has been arguing for many years that proper pedestrianisation of towns, however small, can only be […]

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Voting for me, Harry Hayfield, is a Vote for Realism

“For over forty years the Green Party has been telling people about climate change. We created policies to combat it, policies that are fair and that encourage people to change their lifestyles to a greener one. Other political parties said that we were unrealistic, that people would never vote for such changes, yet one after […]

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A Truly Green Wales

Tackling the climate crisis and the loss of biodiversity does not require a political party to have green policies; it requires every policy to be green. Our planet does not separate itself into neat little compartments; all species share the atmosphere, the water resources and the soil. Harry Hayfield understands this fully. “In the Green […]

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Llanrhystud and Aberarth ‘Improvements’ will Create Bottlenecks!

Ceredigion Green Party strongly objects to the proposed road schemes which are designed to speed up journeys on the stretch of the A487 south of Llanrhystud and north of Aberarth. These schemes will speed up journeys for a few motorists on very short sections of the A487, but then traffic will grind to a halt […]

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