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Voting for me, Harry Hayfield, is a Vote for Realism

“For over forty years the Green Party has been telling people about climate change. We created policies to combat it, policies that are fair and that encourage people to change their lifestyles to a greener one.

Other political parties said that we were unrealistic, that people would never vote for such changes, yet one after another they have adopted many of our policies. They all approve of recycling, they all have a zero carbon target and they all support renewable energy.

But they don’t go far enough! We need to see an end to massive overfishing and its accompanying abominable plastic pollution of the oceans. Therefore we need to stop eating fish that is produced in such a manner. We need to see our land soak up carbon and store water. Therefore we need to see a change in farming. We need to reduce all energy consumption. Therefore we need to have a fair energy policy and create homes that are properly efficient and affordable, and a transport policy that allows us to still carry out vital jobs and live fulfilling lives.

We need to support our young people and give them hope that their future can be secure. They know that there is no Planet B.

If you, the voter, agree with me that the only realistic way to live is within the limits of what our planet can provide, there is only one choice for you. The other parties will suck up to people who want to keep things as they are, to keep consuming as if there is no tomorrow. I tell you: that’s impossible. The other parties will suck up to consumers, workers, unions and businesses, from large corporations to small farmers and tell them that required change is minimal. They are lying. The changes needed are massive. That is being realistic. Greens are keen to work with all producers to help us transition to a truly green economy.

If you, the voter, believe, like I do, that major changes have to happen, there is only one realistic way for you to vote, and that is for me, Harry Hayfield, your Green candidate.”


Elly Foster

Press Officer

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