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Large Poultry Unit Never Welcome

The applicants who wish to build a large poultry unit near Talybont clearly haven’t understood the strength of feeling of objectors last time they tried. Sending the excess manure production from the poultry unit to Penparc is not a solution to the problem; they should never create this much manure in the first place. 

Green Party Cllr Chris Simpson has written a strongly worded objection. He objected in 2020 on six main grounds, 1) visual impact; 2) inadequate access for heavy goods vehicles; 3) marked increase in manure; 4) animal cruelty; 5) inappropriate location; and 6) inappropriate for the Ceredigion economy.  On animal cruelty Chris states, “It is well recognised that industrial-scale chicken production like this proposed poultry unit causes much more cruelty to the chickens than traditional extensive systems, especially when compared to free-range chicken production.”

Local Green Party resident Dorothy Wilson adds, “We have seen all the problems with river pollution in Powys where there are several of these enormous units. We don’t need one in Ceredigion and we will fight until this proposal is turned down for ever.”

The deeper problems behind this proposal stem from the demand for unsustainably produced cheap food. Naomi Salmon, Green Party member in Borth, is clear on this. “People need to be able to buy good healthy food that is produced in a way that does not harm the planet. This harm includes antibiotic resistant bacteria.  And then there is the ongoing Avian Flu crisis – again largely attributable to industrial scale poultry farming. This unit does nothing to address the underlying inequalities that exist in this country. This large poultry unit will never be welcome.”

If readers wish to write their own objections, they can find out more on Ceredigion County Council’s website. They need to look for Poultry Unit at Tynant, Talybont, A211093.


Elly Foster

Press Officer

Gadael Ymateb

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